[bare-n-tah] {manx gaelic}

trustworthy adj., dependable adj. originating from the Isle of Man.

Sustainable Investing Principles

Barrantagh’s fundamental investment research process fully integrates sustainable investing principles – environmental, social and governance (ESG) profiles are key inputs in our valuation methodology

Quality Value Investing

Building conservative portfolios to weather adverse markets – quality value investing and fully independent valuation deliver down-market protection

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About Barrantagh

Barrantagh Investment Management Inc., established 1995, provides disciplined portfolio management to individual and institutional investors. The firm is committed to a high level of client service provided directly by its experienced partners.

We are dedicated to preserving our client’s capital while generating growth through consistent application of our value-based fundamental investment philosophy.

Insights & News

Q1 2021 BIM Review

Q1 2021 BIM Review

Global GDP forecasts continue to rise with economic growth underpinned by an accelerating vaccine rollout, and continued monetary and fiscal support.

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